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Gästebucheinträge im Jahr 2006

December 30th 2006

sara jennings

anderson s.c.

I was looking for my new grandson,arriving in april a baby afgan.I found your website,you have some very beautiful work's of art.

December 29th 2006


Ohio, USA

I really enjoy your beautiful work and thank you for sharing it with us! I greatly admire your talent and abilities and look forward to seeing more of your wonderful work in the future.

December 2nd 2006

Barbara Gordon

Grand Isle, Vermont USA

I hope you find time to draw another dinasaur soon. Happy holidays

November 17th 2006

Rae Delamere

Adelaide, Australia

I enjoyed haveing a look

November 7th 2006

diane baldwin

newfoundland, canada

i am a new quilter, i am looking for some patterns and found your site, awsone

October 31st 2006

Sonia Salamaña


Ich finde Deine Seite einfach super. Das ist eine schön Seite mit vielen interessanten Hinweisen für Patchworkerinnen.
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu dieser Page!

October 20th 2006

Sher Owen

Madisonville, TEXAS, USA

Lovely site, thanks for sharing.

October 17th 2006



Hallo Claudia, es macht mir wirklich sehr viel Spaß Deine Seite anzuschauen. Vielen Dank für die tolle Anleitungen. Ich wünsche Dir weiterhin viel Erfolg.

October 10th 2006

Audra Hango

Ewa Beach, Hi

I love your website! ! !

October 8th 2006

Sandra Mylius

south Brazil

Hi ! i loved your fruit BOM. When are you going to post a new fruit ? Thanks

October 2nd 2006

Susan Hammond

Florida, USA

I loved your quilt designs.

September 24th 2006

Barb V.

Greenville, SC USA

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your web site, and am especially pleased for you and your new book. It looks great. I have been printing out your patterns this year and look forward to making a wall hanging from them. As is typical with most quilters, I have too many projects going, but hope to catch up soon. Thank you for making your patterns available to us.!!!!!

September 24th 2006

Ryeah, BAE


Thank you for that you share your very important quilt tips and patterns each month. Everytime I very appreciate that.

September 23rd 2006



Liebe Claudia,
ich war ja schon öfter auf deiner homepage und finde die Früchte sehr schön. Auch habe ich jetzt erst deinen wunderbaren van Gogh Quilt entdeckt. Besonders die Allee mit dem Haus ist gut gelungen. Leider ließ sich der link zum Bild nicht öffnen, ich hätte es gern verglichen, vielleicht um es als Herbstquilt zu machen.
Herzliche Grüße

September 18th 2006



I have enjoyed making the fruit blocks and look forward to seeing your plan for the final set up. Would you consider doing fairy or butterfly blocks for 2007?

September 17th 2006


West Plains, Missouri

What wonderful patterns! Thank you so much for sharing!

September 16th 2006

Ulla T.

Bergisch Gladbach

Hallo Claudia,
du hast eine sehr schöne HP!!
Deine Seiten sind mit sehr viel Liebe gestaltet genau wie deine Produkte d.h.Quilts.
Diese Seiten sind etwas ganz besonderes!!

September 8th 2006

Kirsten Strobel

Monteagle, Tennessee, USA

Your blocks are beautiful!!

September 8th 2006

Lois Crotty

Ontario, Canada

Beautiful site and I love your background music!

September 7th 2006


Fairmont, Minnesota, USA

Your quilt patterns are lovely! Thank you for sharing their beauty!

September 5th 2006

Jitka Chucmhalova

Czech Republic

Dear Claudia,
I found your pages last years and it is very beautiful. I write you about
my www pages last years and this days I found link to other czech pages.
Could you give links to my pages which they are now in english please?
I have your link in my pages.
Thank you very much.

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September 4th 2006

Donna M. Docks

Clinton Township, Michigan USA just outside of Detroit

Thank you for the beautiful site!

September 4th 2006


Georgia, USA

Congratulations on your new book! I always enjoy your work.

September 1st 2006

Debbie Goldsberry

Lehigh Acres, Florida US

Your web site is very refreshing, the music is soothing and i am currently collecting your PP pattens to learn to PP. Thank you for sharing and i enjoyed reading about you in your "About Me" link.
God Bless you!


August 30th 2006

sallie bunyi


very interesting

August 30th 2006




August 29th 2006


Indiana USA

I love the music.

August 16th 2006

M. Antoinette Camillo-Wilson

Great Falls, Mt. U.S.A.

I am new at this so I am going to try making your fruit quilt. Thank you so much.

August 13th 2006

Elaine Christensen

Boothwyn, Pa. USA

lovely, lovely

August 12th 2006

Becky Hayes

Hickory, NC

I found you site while hunting new patterns for my mother.I love your work

August 6th 2006

Isabelle NEMERY

Tours - FRANCE

Magnifique ! Bravo !

August 1st 2006

Anke Dummler

Erndtebrück (NRW, im Süden: Wittgensteiner Land)

Hallo Claudia! Dein Buch ist wirklich schön! Habe mir schon den Stoff für den Halloween-Quilt gekauft...die Vorlagen sind kopiert...dann kann´s jetzt losgehen. (Sobald ich Zeit habe!)
Schade das das update noch nicht da ist. Aber 8 Uhr morgens ist wohl doch noch zu früh? Muß jetzt weiterarbeiten, bis demnächst auf Deiner Seite...
Liebe Grüße, Anke Dummler

July 27th 2006

Claudia Vess

Spokane Valley, Washington USA

Love the fruit blocks! 30 days inbetween blocks is tooooo long to wait for the next one! Thank you so much for sharing these...

July 26th 2006

Donna Roddy

the state of Maryland in the USA

I enjoyed reading about your family and where you live. And your bears are just great!

July 25th 2006



Riesigen Dank für die Dear-Jane-Blöcke!!! Das ist doch eine große Unterstützung für die Theorie! Schon einige Zeit liebäugele ich mit dem Projekt, aber so schön dargestellt habe ich es noch nicht gesehen. Vielen Dank, nun traue ich mich auch an die Vorlage!
Liebe Grüße aus Berlin.

July 12th 2006

Elisete Sanchez

City:Campinas, State:São Paulo, Country:Brasil

I love your site!!!
I`m a volunteer patchwork teacher in the Central Nazarene Church of Campinas.
God bless you!!!

July 5th 2006

Sigrid ( stoffmaid )


die aufmachung deiner homepage und die neue musik im hintergrund ist toll.
ganz besonders freue ich mich über deinen früchte BOM jeden monat und bin gespannt auf das endergebnis..........!!!
liebe grüße aus der pfalz

July 5th 2006

Sharon Amos

Turlock California USA

Love your fruit quilt patterns

July 1st 2006

ev sharp

california, usa

Your ideas always inspire me. And all the examples are really fun (both yours and other people's. Thanks so much.

June 29th 2006
Erika (patchlady)


Hi Claudia,super Deine HP mit all den wunderschönen Arbeiten,lieben Gruss aus Bayern Erika & 12 Pfoten


June 18th 2006

Annette Meylak


very nice.
i am just starting patchwork classes,

June 14th 2006


porto alegre rio grande do sul brasil

muito lindo

June 9th 2006



hallo claudia
gratuliere recht herzlich zu der veröffentlichung deines buchs!!!!
danke für den Früchte-BOM, es macht sehr viel spaß ihn zu nähen!!!!
schöne grüße

June 3rd 2006


Indiana, USA

You have a wonderful site. You quilts are marvelous. I am working on your BOM Fruit blocks!


June 2nd 2006


with the group PCPiecers

I've stopped by to pick up the June pineapple BOM. You have a lovely site. I've enjoyed making the peach, bananas and pear, they are really fun. How will they finally be arranged? In a bowl, in a cart? Can you give the PCPiecers group just a tiny hint? :> Thanks so much for offering us this free BOM. Sincerely, Jackie O of Massachusettes, USA

June 1st 2006


marmaris Turkey

The pineapple looks great. I was looking forward to the new block. Thanks.

June 1st 2006


Portland, OR

I LOVE your site! Some of your blocks are so amazing and inspiring! I am just beginning to quilt and came across your site while searching for patterns. I love it! Your designs are so fresh and original, some looking more like a painting then a quilt block. Please post more for those of us lacking your inspiration!

May 24th 2006



I mad your crazy patch tree for a row by row quilt. I just love it. Thank you so much for your web site.

May 16th 2006

Denise Wheeler

Sisters, Oregon USA

What a wonderful site! I plan on checking back very often!


May 7th 2006


Gambsheim (frankreich)

Sehr schone bilder
Mache auch patchwork aber mann ist immer erchtaut uber ander bilder

May 7th 2006


Stolberg in Deutschland

habe Deine Webseite in meiner Linksammlung aufgenommen.


May 5th 2006

Rose Anne Burdeny

Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA

I really LOVE all of the Guest Gallery of The Garden BOM. Thank you so very much. I have intentions of doing mine as wall hangings and maybe doing 3 or 4 blocks but changing the seasons so I'll have something to hang up at work for all seasons. Thanks so very much for the inspiration and lovely patterns.

May 1st 2006

Karen Shailer

Grande Prairie, northern Alberta, Canada

I enjoyed looking through your garden and now the fruits patterns, very lovely. Very talented. I especially loved the butterflies, but the bugs on the yarrow were the best! Brava!

April 29th 2006

Julie Higginson

Fancy Prairie, Illinois U.S.A.

Greetings! I have had your website bookmarked for three years now. I love your quilts and designs! Best wishes to you and your family.


April 19th 2006


Lebanon TN USA

I have enjoyed your website and free patterns for a couple of years now, unfortunately since you have joined AOL I am no longer able to get to your Website. If you change websites please let me know. I love your work.

April 8th 2006



Hallo Claudia, deine Dinosauren sind super ! Mein Sohn Rune hat sofort einen Quilt bestellt :). Aber das muss er auch mit ran - mit seinen 8 Jahren kann er schon munter mitmachen.
Liebe Grüsse und vielen Dank

April 5th 2006

Betty Johnson

Oklahoma, USA

Thanks very much for the dinosaurs that you've made for applique. I've had the fabrics selected and set aside for several years now, and was delighted with your patterns!

March 27th 2006

Martine Gilles


Hi Claudia
first thanks for your blocks so pretty.
I would like to send you my garden blocks but i can't ? couls you send me your Email and i shall send you my photos.


March 18th 2006



wirklich sehr schöne Website. Die Rose ist wunderschön, gefällt mir am besten. Aber auch die anderen Projekte sind klasse. Weiter so!
Liebe Patchgrüße,


March 17th 2006


Ludwigshafen in der schönen Pfalz

Eine liebe Freundin /Heike, hat mich auf den tollen Früchte BOM aufmerksam gemacht.
Da ich Paper-P. über alles liebe hab ich mich spontan dazu entschlossen mitzunähen.
Das mit den Früchten finde ich eine super Idee.
Einfach mal etwas anderes.
Bin schon mächtig gespannt auf den April und natürlich auf die kommenden Monate.
Quiltige Frühlingsgrüße an alle Begeisterte

March 15th 2006

Michelle Cherry

Michigan, USA

I'm new to quilting. I love your Fruit patterns! Looking forward to each BOM.

March 14th 2006

Kymm Kent


I love your patterns. I enjoy quilting to relax and get my mind off of things. ;)

March 14th 2006



echt schöne seite, tolle quilts und am liebsten ist mir der mit den sonnenblumen :o)
liebe grüße


March 8th 2006



Die neue Früchteserie finde ich super toll,
weiter so.
Ich bin schon auf die nächsten Blöcke gespannt.

March 7th 2006

Geraldine Molina

Chaparral, New Mexico, USA

I like your fruit series!

March 4th 2006

Kim Wenzoski



March 3rd 2006

Birdie Cutair

Maryland, USA

Thank you for your block of the month fruits. I like paper piecing, but I would rather do a little at a time, instead of a whole quilt at once.

March 2nd 2006

Barbara Pettit

Ontario, Canada (north-west of Toronto)

I always enjoy your site and have downloaded several of your patterns - although have not managed to make any yet because I have so many other projects on the go!

February 27th 2006



I love your site. I am going to try to teach myself how to crazy quilt on your little Spring Tree. But I only want it to be a 6 1/2 inch block. I will give it a shot. Thank you so much.

February 24th 2006

Kathy Stewart

Illinois, USA

Love your new dinosaur quilt. I just think it is the cutest thing.

February 21st 2006

Sandra Diniz


Your site it´s so wonderfull! You inspired me every days learning to do quilt.I never did any one.Congratulations! You are the best!!!Kisses

February 13th 2006


Houston, Texas USA

I just recently saw your dinasour quilt and hope to make it soon. I don't have anyone to give it to right now, but I will have it ready when the occasion comes. Thank you for sharing your patterns. I will post mine when it is completed. My son is in Wiesbaden right now. I will have to learn some German.

February 12th 2006

Renate Wetter


wirklich eine nette Seite, die ich beim Stöbern im Netz entdeckt habe! Wir sammlen seit einigen Jahren Original Molas aus Panama, ich würde mich über einen Besuch auf unserer Seite www.panama-mola.com freuen!
lg aus Wien, Renate


February 8th 2006

Astrid Hastak

West Lafayette, Indiana, USA

Was fuer eine schoen gestaltete Webseite! Mein kleiner Dreijaehriger singt die ganze Zeit mit und es schneit tatsaechlich gerade!!! (:-) Die Blumenblocks haben mir sehr gefallen, Danke ! Ich bin gespannt auf die weiteren Dinosaurier Blocks - das Projekt ist auf meiner Wunschliste. Viele Gruesse nach Deutschland, Astrid

February 5th 2006


Maaseik, Belgium

I love to patch your Gardenblocks. They are very nice and easy to make, because of the clear instructions on the patterns: the best I have ever seen or done. Thank you!

January 29th 2006

Karlana [Vultee] Emmons

Ohio, USA

I loved your quilt and am sorry I missed it. I really loved your pictures, you made me really miss my Oma. She and my father were from Frankfort. I even had had toy houses shaped like yours. I would very much like to be part of your group. It's been so long since I've spoken or read German, I'm afraid I've forgotten it. Please write back, your english is just fine. Thank you Karlana

January 27th 2006


West Virginia, USA

I *love* the dinosaur quilt patterns!

January 26th 2006

Isis Eliane Lopes Miranda da Conceição


I love your site and blocks

January 25th 2006

Sue Martin


I think your dinosaur quilt is going to be adorable. This is my first visit.

January 25th 2006


Crowley Texas U.S.A.

Claudia,I think your Dinosaurs are beautiful and my great grandbabys will love them.
Thanks so much for the FREE patterns. It's people like you that that keeps us old quilters going.Applique is what i love to do.
Thank You
Sandy in Texas

January 25th 2006

Nancy Carey

Oregon, US

Your designs are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

January 24th 2006

Hronn Antonsdottir


Your quilts are beautiful.

January 24th 2006

Margery Ravenscroft

White Pigeon MI usa

I am thrilled with your patterns. Thank you!

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January 15th 2006


Quebec Canada

You do wonderful work. I just love your quilts

January 15th 2006

Kymm Kent


(with Air Force) - currently living in New Mexico

I totally love your work.

January 9th 2006

Sandi Morris


Beautiful patterns!

January 5th 2006


Stillwater , Minnesota USA

Your quilts are wonderful . Love the Van Gough quilt . I wish I had heard of you earlier . I plan buy many of the garden patterns and hope to follow you new BOM in March.
Thank you

January 5th 2006

Pauline Moll

Idaho, USA

Sorry I missed your winter BOM, it is very pretty.

January 3rd 2006

Sandra Cerino

State of Maine (upper New England), United States

I like paper-piecing sometimes, and you have some lovely patterns which I have printed for future use.
Thank you for your site.