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Gästebucheinträge im Jahr 2004

December 30th 2004

Irene Rosas

Midland, Texas

Enjoyed your website and your wonderful projects!!

December 23rd 2004



Hallo liebe Claudia, ich wünsche dir eine super-schöne Weihnacht, weiterhin so gute Ideen und natürlich Gesundheit für's kommende Jahr. Freue mich immer wieder über deine Seiten. Alles Liebe Claudia

December 20th 2004

Anne Trott

Great Britain

A lovely site, great patterns, thank you.

December 19th 2004
04:26:46 AM

Darca Ridley

Milford, Ks.

Was recently elected program chairman for our quilt club and am looking for patterns for our BOM

December 14th 2004


NRW / Deutschland

Hallo Claudia
Da ich nun so viele Sterne genäht habe, und mich auch an anderen Projekten versuche, möchte ich mich nicht davon stehlen, sondern will mich hier nun endlich einmal verewigen...
Du bist so unendlich kreativ - es ist schön, Deine Seite zu kennen !!
Vielen Dank dafür und lieben Gruss

December 11th 2004



Thank You for the free patterns

December 11th 2004

Joan Carlson


Thank You for the free patterns

December 3rd 2004

Nelly Savage

Melbourne, Australia

I enjoy your websight and all your beautiful quilts and block patterns.

December 2nd 2004

Georgia Hillstrom

Misssion, Texas USA

I love this web site the music is great and the patterns my friend in Sierra Vista, Arizona USA, and I do together. it is fun thank you

December 2nd 2004



God has given you a wonderful talent. Thank you.

December 1st 2004

Sandi Lane

Massachusetts, USA

love your web site

December 1st 2004

Ann Backhouse

Alberta Canada

I love your web site. Your patterns are wonderful. I look forward to seeing many more.Thankyou for giving all of us quilters a chance to make your lovely blocks

November 24th 2004

Lin Ewen

Albany, in Western Australia

I am loving your Block of the month series. And I just love having a look around each month, when I come looking to see the new block!! I hope you and your family and loved ones, have the most wonderful Christmas ever. All the very best, Lin, Albany, Australia.

November 18th 2004
11:14:20 PM




November 15th 2004


St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

I just found your website tonight and I wanted to tell you how wonderfully creative I think you are. Your quilts are stunning, and your website is so intricate. Your choice of music to accompany the quilts is lovely. You truly have a great talent, thank you for sharing it. You are inspirational!

November 14th 2004


Your site is awesome and very informative I really appreciated it and thanks for for opportunity to comment!

November 8th 2004


Perth Western Australia

I am new to quilting and am very keen to learn all I can about it.

November 1st 2004


Red Bluff, California, USA (about 185 miles north of San Francisco)

Thank you for putting your designs on the internet, I've enjoyed seeing them. After the busy holiday season if over I hope I can come back and try some of them.

November 1st 2004

Jan Altom

Terrell TX - USA

love your site....

November 1st 2004


Langenfeld (Rhld.), Deutschland

Am Donnerstags war ich mit meiner Freundin bei einer Quiltasustellung in Düsseldorf. Deine Quilts haben mir außerordentlich gut gefallen, vor allem die "Quilterei" war faszinierend. Begeistert bin ich auch von Deiner Homepage. Viele liebe Grüße

November 1st 2004


Monterey, TN

I love your site! Thank you for providing free quilt designs to beginners like myself!

October 25th 2004

Carol Wiens

Hanna, Alberta- Canada

Thank you for the beautiful poppy pattern!
Will be back to see more.

October 21st 2004

Phyllis M. Clark

Florida, USA

Neat site. I'm enjoying my visit and look forward to your newsletters.

October 21st 2004

joy knorr

nebraska united states of america

your paper pieced garden is beautiful

October 15th 2004


Shoreline Washington USA

I love your web site thank you so very much.

October 14th 2004

Rockford, Illinois

Very very pretty quilts.

October 13th 2004


Yorkshire, England

Very inspiring collection, thank you.

October 12th 2004

Patrizia Rossini

Roma - Italy

I love Paper Piecing very much and your blocks are superb. With my compliments, Patrizia

October 12th 2004

Joannie Davey

Colorado USA

Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. I love to look at all the wonderful quilts, wallhangings..and everything at your website. It warms my heart to see such beauty. Thank you Joannie

October 12th 2004

Dorothy Atkinson

Georgian Bay, ON, Canada

Your site always makes me happy. I enjoy browing through your pages to see what is new.
Best Wishes another EQ user. Dorothy

October 10th 2004

Karen Banko

Southgate, Michigan, USA

I love the music on your web page! Please tell me what it is and where I may find it!!!!!! Your quilts are beautiful and I will be putting this site on my "favorites" list.
Karen Banko

October 10th 2004

ina klugt

lemele, the netherlands

i like your website. i have found it through my QuiltNed membership and have promptly printed the pattern from the poppu,s. mij sister in law collects patterns of alle kind of poppys. so, on her behalf, thans you. I will propably make it as a little quilt for het birthday next april. And, the music is realy a suprise.

October 9th 2004



I am a new qiulter :-) Your website is beautiful!

October 2nd 2004

Ghislaine Chartier

Québec , Canada

Good site.

September 24th 2004

Pat Buttitta

Seattle, Washington

Beautiful web site! I will return!

September 19th 2004


bedford n.h. usa

im glad i found this web site i will visit often

September 17th 2004

Carolyn Weber

Owatonna, Minnesota

I Love your site!

September 16th 2004

Christine Glassup


I have only had a quick look today as my lunchtime is almost finished but I will have a better look tomorrow. I have enjoyed looking at the quilts.

September 8th 2004


Idaho, USA

I am enjoying your Garden BOM very much. I just wanted to thank you for the time you spend on this, so others like me can enjoy your talents.

September 8th 2004

Carol Lamprecht

Texas, USA

You do beautiful work, have beautiful patterns. Thank you for the free teddybear, Toby.
hugs,Carol L. in E. Tx

September 8th 2004

Alicia Watt

Midland, MI

Your site is very nice. The quilts are absolutely beautiful! I think my favorite was the Halloweenswap quilt because I am ready for October. Thank you for sharing your work.

September 8th 2004



Dear Claudia,
with eagerness I waited for your September BOM - not in vain. Thank you for this beautiful block and for sharing your ideas with us. I can't wait for the weekend to come and to sit down and start making it.

September 7th 2004



Love your site with all the beautiful things to see! You are a very talented person. I look forward to seeing your new blocks and quilts. Thanks for sharing with the rest of the world!

September 2nd 2004




Hei. Jeg havnet på din hjemmeside via en annen gjestebok. Du har en utrolig flott hjemmeside. Quiltearbeidene dine er helt utrolig flotte.
Klem fra Greta

August 31st 2004

Miriam Binder


Thank you.

August 29th 2004


British Columbia, Canada

I am a new quilter. Your work inspires me. Thank you.

August 13th 2004

eve elliott

Washington state, USA

I just changed my email address with you so I wouldn't miss any of your newsletters. I truely like receiving your info. Thanx and keep up the good work! :)

August 8th 2004


Northern Maine

I am a New Quilter and would like to have help at my finger tips if possible .I Do Mkae Bears out of Fur and Fake Fur But would Love to make a quiltOf Bears.

August 7th 2004

Joan Fuggi

USA upstate New York

I just love your web site. It is so cheerful.

August 4th 2004


thiene (vicenza) italy

I tuoi quilt sono bellissimi.Complimenti anche per il tuo web site.

August 1st 2004




August 1st 2004

Kathy Feltmate

N.B. Canada

Thank you so much for the watering can paper pieced pattern. I love it! That now makes 3 that I have...I unfortunately missed the rose and topiaries...so sad. Hope that you have had a wonderful vacation in Austria.

August 1st 2004

Linda Doheny

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Thank you so much for the beautiful patterns. Keep up the
excellent work! Linda

August 1st 2004

Dominique Marie

France (near Angers)

Thank you for thrr block of the month and have a nice holiday

July 27th 2004


Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Thank you so much for your wonderful paper piecing patterns. I am currently working on Snowy Houses and they are turning out beautifully.
Thank you so much

July 26th 2004
04:12:05 PM

Marilyn Penney

Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, Canada

This is my first visit. Can't wait to look around!

July 26th 2004

jan Vargo


My sister lived in Germany a few years ago, which made a visit to Germany a dream come true. I was with my husband and two other sisters, and the only one interested in needlework. I did not get to visit any quilt shops, or any thing in that line. so I like to visit your shop on the web.
and I know I will never get back over there. Thank you

July 20th 2004


Enschede Niederlande

Wunderschone Sachen!

July 17th 2004

Carollen Mathieu

Worcester Ma. USA

I love your site!!! It is very kind of you to offer your patterns free per month . Even if you miss a month the price is wonderful. You should check out zippydesign.com see if they will sell your stuff. They are all about foundation work...Thank you so very much.

July 17th 2004



I don´t speak English very well, but I want say you that you have a wonderfull site. I´m so glad for find it.
Thank you for your work, and excuse me my mistakes.

En castellano: Pido disculpas porque no domino bien el inglés. PEro no podía irme de tu web sin felicitarte y agradecer el trabajo que compartís con quienes la visitamos. Tus quilts son fabulosos.

July 9th 2004

Lisa Grant

Fort Madison, Iowa USA

I enjoyed browsing your site. It is very nicely put together and your quilts are very beautiful and an inspiration.

July 8th 2004



I am interested in scandinavian quilts

July 6th 2004

Tracy Barnes

Guelph,Ontario Canada

I am just learning how to do paper piecing and absolutely love your patterns.Your site is really well done and I will definitely be back.Thanks for the freebies,your very kind.I'll have to send you some pictures when I'm finished.Good Luck with the pattern shop,I know that you'll do well.

July 6th 2004



Hallo Claudia,
ich schaue regelmäßig auf Deiner Homepage rein, da sie mir so gut gefällt. Deine freien Anleitungen finde ich wunderschön und freue mich immer wieder auf sie. Ein großes Kompliment zu Deinem Können und ein herzliche Dankeschön für die freien Schnittmuster!
Liebe Grüße aus Ludwigshafen,

July 5th 2004

Marybeth Smith

King, North Carolina USA

I was directed to your site from Block central...and I have had a truley wonderful visit with you! I will definately come back and have tea with you! Marybeth

July 1st 2004
08:33:06 AM

Julie Guest


What a wonderful site! I`m new to patchwork and your designs are very inspiring. Love the music, colours, grafics. The best patchwork site I`ve visited. So much to see. Will return often.

June 24th 2004


South African living in Finland

You have lovely webcite, enjoyed to look through it and read instructions for paperpiecing method, need to do some new patchwork project and will try with paperpiecing

June 24th 2004

Janice Bramlett

West Virginia, US

Beautiful site. Thank you.

June 23rd 2004

Barbara (Hanschu) Mason

Wichita, Kansas USA

You have a lovely site, very refreshing.

June 19th 2004



Hallo Claudia,
Deine HP anzuschauen hat mir viel Spaß gemacht. Ich sehe sie mir bestimmt nochmal wieder an. Wie schaffst Du die vielen wunderschönen Projekte als Mutter von zwei Kindern? Ich habe auch Kinder. Hat Dein Tag mehr als 24 Stunden?
Viele Grüße Laura

June 12th 2004

Karen Warthman

Sugar Grove,Ohio

What a comforting web site I have found with you. Just hoping to get a little insight here into what quilting is all about, now that my children are raised and on there own.
I will continue to explore your site and see if this will be something I can do. I hope so it seems as though it would be a peaceful and healing craft. Thanks once again for your info. Karen

June 11th 2004

Betty Edwards

Pineville, Louisiana USA

I have just discovered your website! It is a joy to explore. I just wish I had discovered it two months ago when your"My Garden" Block of the Month began! I will be back to visit often!

June 11th 2004

Anna Scott

Arkansas USA

Thank you very much for having such a wonderful site to come visit. I spend a lot of time every month looking thru everything to see what'sa been updated. Also thankls for all the free patterns that you give.

June 10th 2004

ann johnson

164 monaco dr franklin,in 46131

a beautiful site ,i love the music . i am a beginner, i have a big desire and hunger to do beautiful work

June 9th 2004


Ontario, Canada

WOW!!!! Your patterns are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent!!!

June 8th 2004

vera adams

R R 3 Wetaskiwin, Alberta , Canada T9A 1X1

Love your site, the teddy bears are just beautiful, maybe I should try and make one Vera

June 8th 2004


Pennsylvania in the United States

I have never made a quilt so I am looking around the net to see what is available for patterns. Your sunflower block is unusual and very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

June 7th 2004

Lin Ewen

Albany, South west of Western Australia

I love the peaceful feel of your website, the delightful designs, the beautiful butterflies, flowers and not the least, the wonderful music. Your patterns are.

June 7th 2004

Linda J

NE central Alabama, USA

Wonderful website, Claudia. My husband and I both liked listening to the "Over the Rainbow" midi that is playing.

I love the garden BOM and the winter houses you had last year as well. As a fellow EQ5 user I appreciate that we have a choice of which method to use to download the projects. Keep up the good work!

June 5th 2004



Love your site especially the graphics like the moving butterflies on now. The music is so peaceful. It all makes one feel like they are in a garden.

June 5th 2004



A very beautiful site. Congratulations to you
Eileen !

June 5th 2004

Jan Rowe

Arizona, USA

I love your sunflower block and wonder if I missed other beautiful flower blocks from "your garden" and how I might be able to get them. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful block and sharing it with so many.

June 4th 2004

Ursel Breuksch-Schmitz

Neuss am Rhein

Hallo Claudia
ich habe schon oft deine Werke bewundert, aber da ich kein paper-piecing nähen mag, nie etwas für mich in Anspruch genommen.
...Aber deine Sonnenblume mit Meise.....die werde auch ich nähen!!!
Und dafür möchte ich mich bedanken, daß du uns allen deine Muster, die so sorgfältig ausgearbeitet sind, zur Verfügung stellst!
Tausend Dank
und weiterhin so viele Ideen ;)
Ursel aus Neuss

June 4th 2004

Paula C. Cole

Branson, Missouri USA

Hi. I love your website...especially the graphics....I find them so soothing and calming!!
I will be downloading the June Sunflower pattern...thank you sooooo much for allowing me to do so. I have your site safely added to my favorites so that I may visit often.
Best Wishes, Paula

June 2nd 2004

Heidi Birkner


Hi Claudia,
ich habe mir soeben den Juniblock angesehen und bin restlos begeistert. Die Sonnenblume mit dem Vögelchen ist ja traumhaft. Übertrifft alle meine Erwartungen. Wie bekommt man den die "Strahlen" hin? Werde auf jeden Fall wieder mitnähen.
Liebe Grüße

June 2nd 2004

Billie Shirk


Thanks for all the great patterns you share with other quilters. I love your site.

Tks, Billie

June 1st 2004



just looking around to see what out there for quilters. I am pretty new at quilting. I have been slowing learning about and how to quilt as time will allow me to.I and three other family members made a quilt for my son and his bride as wedding gift.I hope find many helpful and interesting ideas here and other quilters sites. thank you for allowing us tobe a part of your quilting life.

May 31st 2004

Carol Monetta

British Columbia, Canada

Very lovely site. Looking forward to more.

Be First to Post a Reply

May 26th 2004

Marcia Clough

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

I like your blocks of the month. Iam just a novice quilter, as I have only made a doll quilt for my daughter's doll bed one year for Christmas. I really like quilts and wamt to get started, but am just a little apprehensive. I know that I can do it once I am committed just got to get a little more motivated. I am thinking that I may use some of your blocks in a quilt.

May 24th 2004

Renee Freeman

Washington State, USA

What a wonderful website!!! Really nice quilt patterns.

May 18th 2004


Frankston, Australia

Thank-you for showing your lovely quilts. They cheer me up and give inspiration.

May 15th 2004

Lynn Savage

New Hampshire, USA

You have a very beautiful website (I particularly enjoyed the musical selections), and your quilts are inspirational!

May 14th 2004

Claudia Brillemans

Grossziethen bei Berlin

liebe claudia,

ich hatte mir vor einiger zeit die anleitung zu deinem "mein freund, der baum"-quilt gekauft und gerade (endlich!!!!) habe ich das top fertiggestellt. ich find´s traumhaft schön und bin masslos stolz drauf! ich hoffe, den quilt bis sonntag soweit fertigzustellen, dass ich mit ihm bei einem kleinen patchworktreffen hier angeben kann :-)sobald ich kann, schicke ich dir mal ein foto. vielen dank für die prima anleitung, nach der ich sehr gut arbeiten konnte.

viele liebe grüsse vom rande der hauptstadt an den rhein


May 9th 2004


Queensland, Australia

Thank you for sharing your site. You have done some lovely projects. I have not done a lot of patchwork but I do enjoy and admire other people's work.

May 3rd 2004

Marilynn Wiebe

Manitoba, Canada

What a delighful site. My husban and I had the pleasure of visiting Germany in January, and fell in love with your country. Thank you for beautiful music. I own a quilt store in the country that keeps me very busy.

May 3rd 2004


Tolle Seite. Der Garten-BOM ist traumhaft, ich freu mich schon auf die nächsten Teile...
Vielen Dank dafür !

May 2nd 2004

Carol MacNamara

British Columbia, Canada

Wonderful website. A joy to look at. I am doing your garden BOM and it is lovely. Thank you.

May 2nd 2004

marie barnard

Hi, from Northwest Okla

Love your site, especially little butterflies that grow.

May 2nd 2004

Linda Rowan

Titusville Florida USA

Wonderful patterns. I just finished the Rose and it turned out Beautiful. Thanks.

May 1st 2004

Linda Muscato

Washington, USA

Hi, I visited your site once before and have now found you again. This time I have bookmarked it. Your patterns are wonderful. Thank you!

May 1st 2004


I just love your site and I have forwarded it to several of my friends thank you

April 27th 2004

anja bohnau

monheim am rhein


eine wunderschöne seite, werde sicher öfter mal reinschauen.
mach weiter so.
lg anja

April 27th 2004


Omaha, Ne

Love your New Garden designs keep up the good work

April 25th 2004


North Florida, U.S.A.

Claudia, It isn't very often that I take the time to sign a guestbook...But I have to say "Hello" to you! I really enjoyed looking at your website & the beautiful creativity in your quilts & teddybears!!! I enjoyed looking at all your wonderful creations!!!! Thank you so much for sharing them with everyone!!! Hugs, Suzie

April 24th 2004

Sharon F. Burger

I love your site.I just wanted say Thankyou for sharing your talent for Paperpiecing patterns.
The music is delightful to listen to--could you tell me name of the music that is playing--it would be great to listen to wwhile piecing the Rose pattern.

April 24th 2004

Marie-Louise Tundal


I love your pattern so much and when you move I follow you to the next adress. And the new pattern "ROSE" is so beautiful. Thanks and have a nice year.

April 21st 2004


die Niederlande

habe gerade deinen Website gefunden und schaue sie zum ersten Mal an. Denke das ich mich sehr freue darueber.

April 21st 2004


Cedar Rapids, IA USA

I love coming to this site. Especially since Here Comes The Sun is one of my favorite songs. I also think the My Friend the Tree is one of the neatest quilts I have seen lately.

April 13th 2004

Lisa Williams


I love your patterns.
Look forward to the rest of The Garden.
Love the rose!

April 13th 2004
01:13:07 PM

Heidi Birkner


Hi Claudia,
ich habe den neuen Block des Monats angeschaut und heruntergeladen (das kann ich inzwischen). Die Rose finde ich superschön, vielen Dank dafür. Meine Frage dazu ist nur woher soll man denn die benötigten Stoffe bekommen? Gibt es außer selber färben noch eine Möglichkeit? In den mir bekannten Stoffgeschäften habe ich Stoffe in dieser Optik noch nicht (zumindest nicht in größerer Auswahl) gesehen. Wäre für Antwort sehr dankbar. Viele Grüße Heidi

April 12th 2004

Janet North

Oklahoma, USA

Wonderful website!!

April 12th 2004


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Lovely site..enjoyed the quilt patterns. Just downloaded the rose pattern and looking forward to the rest of the series. Great of you to share in this way.

April 11th 2004

Jaqueline de Freitas Veloso

I'm form Brazil, Itabira - Minas Gerais

Beautiful your quilt, your family, congratulations!
i'd like to correspondence with you.

April 11th 2004

Sharon Talley

Chimacum, WA, USA

You rose is gorgeous. I love paper piecing and hope to try the rose soon.

Thank you

April 11th 2004


Ontario, Canada

First time viewer here. Hard to read the home page... graphics are too big at top to read. Love the BOM garden idea. I am hopeing to pervail with this project. My mom always loved flowers.

April 10th 2004

Harriet Ondrasek

Fredericksburg, Texas

Just browsing around and looking at all the sites, Since this is a German community and I am German on my Mothers side I always am interested in things about Germany. I think your site is really cute and I enjoyed seeing you and your sons. I shall return again.

April 10th 2004

Carol Lehr

Sheridan, IN USA

Love your website. Will be back, you can be sure!


April 10th 2004

Diane Lefebvre

Quebec Canada

I am new at quilting and find your work beautiful.

April 9th 2004

Julia Smith

Ajax, Canada

What a wonderful site and what beautiful quilts. I am in awe. Plus you let me practice my high school German a bit. I have downloaded your rose pattern and am looking forward to the rest.


April 7th 2004


Tennessee, USA

Love the Rose pattern, thank you for making it available to us!

April 5th 2004


Tucson, Arizona, USA

I just found your site and love some of your patterns. I am especially fond of your rose. It is wonderful.

April 5th 2004

Stephanie Guthrie

England, but live in San Antonio, Texas.

Your work is beautiful. I have bookmarked this site and will be a regular visitor from now on.
Thanks for sharing.

April 5th 2004



I like your quilting web site.

April 5th 2004

Leta Stokes

North Carolina USA

Love the rose and the butterflies

April 4th 2004


Ocean Springs, Mississippi USA

Thank you for the beautiful patterns. I wish you much success.

April 4th 2004

Charlotte Grohnke

Wimbledon,North Dakota ,frueher Kassel Deutschland.

The only mistake I saw was "sides" it should be "sites.If I get to download your Garden pattern will do the blocks.Nice.

April 4th 2004

Eileen Magill

Gunningbland, NSW Australia

such a pretty happy site....have bookmarked it for future reference....thank you

April 4th 2004

Carol Horn

Fritch, Texas, United States

I enjoyed looking at your site very much. You have beautiful work.

April 3rd 2004

Mary Lou Boyer

Grafton,Ohio USA

You have a wonderful site. I find it interesting and being new to quilting I have learned a lot of new ideas and your blocks are great. Good luck to you and thank you for sharing.

April 3rd 2004


Spring, TX, USA

Thank you for providing free patterns.

April 3rd 2004

Judith Copson

Nashua New Hampshire USA

Love pp and can't wait to actually start to make something.
I have taken a class and found it to be so easy and acurate.
But first I am finishing some UFO's and then I will start to pp.
Thanks for the free pp pattern.
Judith in Nashua NH

April 3rd 2004


Washington state, USA

Your website is lovely and I especially like anything to do with nature. the "Rose" pattern is great and I can't wait to see what else is coming up. thanks! Linda

April 3rd 2004

MaryLou Jones

An island in the middle of Lake St. Clair---Michigan (Harsens Island)

Thank You for all of your patterns. They are great, and paper piecing is my favoriate thing to do. Keep up the good work. When the flowers are done I will send you picture.
God Bless

April 2nd 2004

Maggie Mullett

Syracuse, New York


April 2nd 2004

Linda J

Alabama, USA

I thought that your Winter Snowy Houses were wonderful though I have not tried to piece any of them yet. I am sure that your Garden Block of the Month will be equally stunning having just downloaded the rose pattern. I am an EQ5 user so am "good to go" Please keep up the great work you do, Claudia!

April 2nd 2004



Hello, Claudia, I have been waiting with great anticipation to see your first block of your garden series. The rose is very beautiful and I decided that for the first time I am going to go along with your time table to finish the blocks each month so eager am I to see how the quilt will come alive. Thank you for the lovely design. Can't wait till next month.

April 2nd 2004

Marj Yip

Sydney Australia

Absolutely love your site and your patterns

April 1st 2004

Rebecca Whitteker

Ojai, California

i truly enjoy this site.. altho i have yet to actually sew one of these patterns..
thank you for your beautiful patterns and website.

April 1st 2004



Yor Garden is starting out great. This rose is just beautifull.

March 30th 2004



I live near the Atlantic Ocean ,so I really enjoyed your seaside quilt. I will be back often. Thanks

March 29th 2004

Linda Smith

I live in Spokane, Washington . We are in the Pacific Northwest of USA

Your site is charming. Thanks for sharing your lovely quilts and patterns. I will enjoy seeing how your Dear Jane continues...I have only done 5 blocks so enjoyed seeing yours.

March 28th 2004

Rose Cullen

around Los Angeles, CAlifornia USA

I really enjoyed looking through your site. I got here through a link on one of my quilting groups. Your work is really very nice. I will be back to visit again. Thank you for sharing with us. I loved seeing about your home and your family.

March 27th 2004


Eugene, Oregon USA

Thank you for the lovely patterns for the Snowy Houses. I just found you but look forward to returning again. Thank you so much.

March 25th 2004

claudia brillemans


liebe claudia,

ich habe vor ein paar wochen mit deinem wunderschönen "mein freund, der baum" -quilt angefangen, hab jetzt die 12 bäumchen fertig und bin ganz hin und weg! ich hoffe, dass ich in einigen wochen ganz fertig bin und dann werd ich auch ein bild schicken. ich bin jedenfalls ganz begeistert, auch von deinen prima vorlagen und anleitungen.

und dann bin ich beim stöbern auf deine dear jane-blöckchen gestossen, toll sehen sie aus! viel erfolg weiterhin damit.

viele grüsse aus dem süden berlins von


March 24th 2004

Betty McGrath

Jackson, MS

This is a most interesting site. I have enjoyed looking through it and will bookmark it for future browsing when I
need to purchase a pattern

March 22nd 2004



I think your site is very nice and useful too all quilters , thanks for sharing it with everyone , Have a great day

March 22nd 2004

Christine Maron

Deutschland, Berlin

Liebe Claudia,

ich schaue ja immer wieder gern bei deiner wundervollen Seite vorbei- diesmal aber speziell wegen deinem Dear Jane- Quiltprojekt.
Ich möchte dir mal sagen, wie schön ich deine Arbeit daran finde :)
Die interessante Muster- und Farbwahl ist einfach klasse.

Es wird langsam Zeit, das ich mich auch mal an einen eigenen DJ-Quilt heranwage :)

Liebe Grüße aus Berlin


March 17th 2004

Susan Reed

Missouri USA

I have just found your site, so have not seen much. I do love your crazy quilt tree. Susan

March 17th 2004

Susan Reed

Missouri USA

I have just found your site, so have not seen much. I do love your crazy quilt tree. Susan

March 17th 2004

Linda Clark

Rapid River, Michigan That is in the upper peninsula of Michigan, U SA

Love your site come here often

March 14th 2004



I think your pages are very nice. I like to surf the net as I am so far away from any quilt happenings. I like the music, too. Best wishes.

March 14th 2004


New York

You have a lovely website and the Quilts are very beautiful.

March 13th 2004

Brigitte Bernreuther

91161 Hilpoltstein, Löffelhof 4

Ich bin sehr begeistert von Ihren Arbeiten und Ihrer Web-Seite. Werde öfter einmal vorbeisehen. Ich habe das EQ 5 Programm. Kann ich da die EQ 4 Dateien auch herunterladen.
Tausend Wochenendgrüße Ihre Brigitte Bernreuther

March 10th 2004

Natascha Wegner


Beim Stöbern im Internet bin ich auf deine Seite gestoßen.
Ich bin begeistert.Sehr schöne Arbeiten und du hast einen guten Geschmack für Farben.Deine Seite steht schon in meinen Favoriten.


March 9th 2004

Sherry Schmidt

Spokane, Washington USA

I like your site so far, just was surfing for paper piecing information.

March 8th 2004

Shiela Peterson

Springfield, Virginia USA

Your paterns are very beautiful and well made. Very original and very professionally put together. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I know I will enjoy making these! I am going to start with the fairy tale castle!

March 8th 2004

Deanna Kaiser


Your site is really great and you are so generous with your patterns. So glad I found it before you removed the patterns for new ones. Will check back often to see what you are doing

March 7th 2004

Janet Mitchell


Wonderful site. Janet

March 7th 2004

Marge Donegan

Burlington, Wisconsin, USA

I have enjoyed all of your monthly patterns and look forward
eagerly to the next series. Thank you!

March 7th 2004

Mary Markowski

Sykesville, MD USA

Love your website.

March 7th 2004

Cindy Smith

Apopka, Florida, USA

I heard about your site through a friend. Thank you for the free downloads.

March 6th 2004


Atikokan, On, Canada

Love your site.The quilts are beautiful

March 6th 2004


The Netherlands

Very nice site. Thank you very much for the patterns. Looking forward to the next BOM. Groetjes, Corien.

March 5th 2004

sandy provoznik

escanaba, michigan usa

i love your web site and of course the quilts and the blocks you make.

March 5th 2004


Dearborn Hts, Michigan USA

I really enjoy your site. It's one of the best. Thank you for sharing projects.

March 4th 2004

cindy fellabaum

albany,oregon usa

wow you have a wonderful web site. thank you for letting others see and visit you. love your pictures and you son's are darling. woops i should say handsome. thanks again for your great web site would love to see more pictures. happy quilting, cindy fellabaum

March 4th 2004

Excie Wall

I was in browsing arounf for free quilt patterns and stumbled upon your site. You have a wonderful site and I am really interested in "Block of the Month" patterns. Keep up the good work.

March 3rd 2004


usa north carolina


March 1st 2004

mary platt

state line, mississippi

very nice site
thanks I like the bom

February 29th 2004


Oregon, USA (rainy northwest!)

Thank you so much for the free patterns and for the inspiration of your quilts! They are lovely.

February 29th 2004

mien van nuland


Liebe Claudia.ein wunderschöne site.liebe grüße aus Holland

February 29th 2004



Claudia, thank you so much for your patterns. They are beautiful and different. All I need now is more time so I can make them.
Thank you again:)

February 29th 2004

Irene Francis


Hello Claudia,
There is nothing wrong with you English.
Ich habe jetzt drei Tueren fertig und hoffe die vierte bald zu vollstaendigen? Ich glaube mit meinem Deutsch holpert es eben ein bisschen. Na ja, man kann eben nicht immer perfect sein.
Ich habe viel Spass mit den Tueren und werde eine Aufnahme
schicken wenn alles fertig ist.Leider habe ich einen sehr
kranken Mann im moment, so bin ich eben sehr beschaeftigt.
Viele liebe Gruesse Irene.

February 26th 2004



I am just starting quilting, I am lucky my daughter works in a fabric store and is able to get lots of end pieces, I have too much to choose from,for my first project i want to make a purse bag, just a shoulder kind of bag. Do you have any suggestion. I am making all my clothes but never try quilting yet. Thank you, Lise

February 21st 2004

Sarah Caldwell

Auckland, New Zealand

Lovely website; thank you so much for sharing your ideas and personal information.

February 20th 2004

lida langedijk


love your site,keep up the good work!

February 17th 2004

sandy provoznik

escanaba, michigan usa


February 16th 2004

elizabeth rosendo


Congratulations I visited your page and your pieces are lovely

February 16th 2004

Pam Amann

Crown Point, Indiana USA

I love your Website! It looks fantastic! I am also happy to see it in German and English.


February 12th 2004


Omaha, NE

Wunderbar! Ausgezeichnet! Danke viel mals!


February 8th 2004


Nottinghamshire England

I am very new to quilting and I like small projects like the wallhangings, I enjoy the foundation piecing and have just completed a wall hanging I got free from a Danish site, It was my very first project I am looking forward to browsing your site and will talk to you again soon.

February 6th 2004


In Schleswig-Holstein

Eine supertolle Homepage! Alles sehr liebevoll gemacht. Toll sind auch die vielen Anleitungen für Paper-piecing.

February 6th 2004

Teresa Mack

I am From Horsefly, British Columbia, Canada

Your web page is really cool....My parents are from Holland...My mom is in Holland right now visiting her dad...maybe we can talk sometime...

February 5th 2004

Anila Kaumeier

Wulfertshausen / Augsburg

Liebe Claudia,

Deine Seite liebe ich heiß und innig. Sie ist immer so liebevoll gestaltet und dabei absolut geschmackvoll. Deine Farbzusammenstellungen sind sehr sensibel den Mustern angepasst. So ist dein Februar Boom eine wahre Augenweide. Ich wünsche dir weiterhin solch gute Ideen und die Kraft sie umzusetzen.

Gruß Anila

February 5th 2004

Rose Anne

Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA

I LOVE your website and it's very well planned setup. It is so easy to navigate throughout!

NOW, I must say you have a definite hit with me with the Wintery Scenes, Snowy Houses or whatever you want to call it! It is just beautiful and I'm not a paper piecing person but can see myself doing this one maybe with my niece to assist me in keeping things straight! Standing joke with my attempts! Now, a question, is there a picture of this layout or is that a surprise for when we finish?

You do some very awesome work! Thank you for sharing.

February 4th 2004


in der Nähe von Stuttgart

Eine super Homepage. Da möchte man sich doch sofort an die Nähmaschine setzen u.loslegen.Super, daß auch Anleitungen dabei sind (ist ja nicht so oft der Fall).Danke dafür.Werde noch öfters hier schmökern.

February 3rd 2004


I live in Italy but I am finnish.

My compliments for the beautiful pages and sympatic quilts, which make me want to run away from my job and go home sewing. Like you have understood I'm not very busy at work at the moment...so I can "study" your quilts.

February 2nd 2004


Bear River City, Utah, USA

Wonderful site, I love your patterns, they are really inspirational.

January 31st 2004

Inga-Lill Ray


I had a look at your quilts and they are quite charming with a lot of personality. Also your blocks of the month have always been nice although I have not used them yet. Mostly I make my own designs.
Best regards from a Finland that is just now "blowing away in a really hard snowstorm.
Inga-Lill Ray

January 31st 2004

Christina Jahn


I have seen your website and I love it. I am a beginner in quilting and would love to get all the help I can. I want to start with a quilt that will be simple for me to do and will not take to long to do. Please help and keep my up to date with your site.

January 31st 2004

Helena Kurt

Wien, Österreich

Eine wunderschöne Site. Habe Dein Van-Gogh-Bild auch in den Patchworkideen von Januar gesehen, hier im Net gefällt es mir aber besser. Gratulation und danke für deine Arbeiten.

January 28th 2004



Hallo Claudia!

Ich bin total begeistert! Erstens von Deinen wunderwunderschönen Patchworkarbeiten und Quilts und zweitens von der supersüßen Homepage. Hast Du interesse an einem Bannertausch?
Liebe Grüße,


January 28th 2004

Mrs. Katharine Anne Fleming

Chilliwack, BC Canada (Ryder Lake)

This is simply the most lovely site I've ever been to. Congratulations on a job very well done. I also love to quilt, was born October 10, 1955, have four grown children and four children-in-law, three grandchildren, very happily married and I also make and teach Victorian Lampshade making, do stained glass, and petit point. My heart belongs to quilting though.

January 27th 2004

Sue Gardem

Brisbane, Queensland ~ Australia

Your web page is absolutely beautiful and cheerful. I have loved browsing through it. The music is just perfect and I loved the leaves and flowers floating on the page. I will visit again because your projects give me inspiration. Thanks

January 26th 2004

Robbi Bonnema

Hollandale, Minnesota

Enjoying your website. Thanks.

January 26th 2004


Atlanta, Georgia USA

Great website, you are an inspiration to me to perfect my applique technique. The quilts are gorgeous.

January 24th 2004

Patsy Shelton

Ogden, Utah USA

Thank you for having such a wonderful website! I just loved your darling quilts. You are so generous to share. I do a lot of piecing & also have a machine quilting business (PA Quilters).. (I don't get much time to do my own quilts.) I belong to several quilt guilds. Thank you again.. I'll drop back often.. you can see some of my quilts at.... http://community.webshots.com/user/patsyshelton

January 24th 2004




January 20th 2004



Einfach Klasse. Danke für Deine Freien Anleitungen. Ich arbeite gerne damit. Und die Ergebnisse sind super.
Schaue immer wieder rein. Sehr zu empfehlen.


January 19th 2004



Eine wunderschöne Homepage! Wo lernt man so etwas zu gestalten?
Dies ist eine Einladung an alle,
die gerne quilten UND schreiben!

Wer macht mit?
Erinnerungsstücke - "to be remembered"
Ein Quilt als textiles Gedächtnis
Wer möchte seine Geschichte erzählen?
Mehr Informationen unter:

January 19th 2004


Nebraska, USA

I love your blocks. Especially the Fall ones.

January 18th 2004

Helena Kurt

Wien, Österreich

Liebe Claudia! Eine wunderschöne Site, ich bin nur so dahingeschmolzen!! Wirklich ein Traum! Deine Arbeiten sind mir aber noch zu kompliziert, obwohl sie wunderschön sind. Ich bin ja erst eine beginnende Patchworkerin, habe deine Site von QuiltLuvFabric, eine Swap-Site aus USA. Ich habe diese Swap-Adresse aus dem Heft "Sampler Quilts". Liebe Grüsse und verspätet noch ein erfolgreiches neues Jahr. Helena

January 17th 2004


Nova Scotia, Canada

What a lovely website. I love your quilts and patterns. I didn't think Europeans celebrated Halloween. Keep on quilting!

January 16th 2004

Judy Hillman

Salem, Oregon, USA

Your paper pieced patterns are absolutely lovely. I look forward to stitching them out. Thank you for sharing your talents and ideas.

January 13th 2004


Grossziethen bei Berlin

hallo claudia,
ich bin auf meiner ständigen suche im netz nach schönen quilts auf deiner website gelandet und bin begeistert! du machst wirklich tolle sachen und deine website ist auch eine augenweide! hab dich direkt zu meine favoriten genommen und komme bestimmt mal öfters bei dir vorbei.
weiterhin viel erfolg bei deinen projekten und viele grüsse vom rande der hauptstadt

January 11th 2004


northern New York State, USA

I LOVE your patterns! Thanks so much for the freebies to try out!

January 11th 2004

Louise Burling

Collingwood Ontario Canada

i was taught how to quilt by my mom and now i have taken over all her patterns and notions as she has passed away 2 years ago....i would really like to see what you have in any patterns that i could print out thank you..Louise

January 8th 2004

linda tipton


thanks for your web site

January 6th 2004


the Netherlands


I enjoyed my visit to your homepage, very lovely quilts and nice patterns.
Take care, Letty

January 6th 2004

Joyce A. Timmerman

Independence, Missouri

I love your website, it has some great ideas.

January 4th 2004



I adored to visit your "Haus".Einfache!!.Ich wohnen in Brazilien .My daugther help me to write this german words.She has 11 y old and study German in her school.
We are enjoying seeing your quilts.So very very nice.
Danke,Claudia und Auf wierdersehen

January 4th 2004

Sue Wegert

Warsaw, Indiana, USA

I just learned of your site through Block Central. I love your Snowy Houses. I just got EQ5 and like seeing things drawn that way.
My father came from Flemish Belgium and I studied German over 30 years ago. I doubt that I could do nearly as well with it as you do with your English!
Thanks for the great pattern designs.

January 4th 2004



I adored to visit your "Haus".Einfache!!.Ich wohnen in Brazilien .My daugther help me to write this german words.She has 11 y old and study German in her school.
We are enjoying seeing your quilts.So very very nice.
Danke,Barbara und Auf wierdersehen

January 4th 2004

Sabine Siering

59174 Kamen/Westfalen

Deine Seite ist ein Augen- und Ohrenschmaus!!
Ich schaue immer wieder gerne rein.
Ein gutes neues Jahr wünsche ich Dir noch.

January 1st 2004

Nancy Sunderland Pa.

I think you have a very nice site. i enjoy it very much. Have a good new year